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ID: 9210
Type: Recycling
Founded On: Year 19 Day 352
Leader: Helpful Dot
Chat: swcombine.com

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The Super Star Destroyer (SSD) is the largest ship ever constructed and continues the tradition of the Star Destroyer series with its dagger-shaped structure. This version however is far more powerful than any model before it and its armaments dominate any other ship in production along with a reinforced hull that allows the SSD to take a significant amount of damage without requiring repairs. The hull, unlike that of other Star Destroyers, is relatively smooth, with all the crew areas concentrated in one section in the centre, which many have likened to a city. The quarters can house the entire crew and many more troops for ground operations with ease, meaning that the Super Star Destroyer can carry out battles both space- and ground-side without any fleet support. The huge space for cargo can even be used to store a fleet of smaller ships within itself. As with many large ships, the Super Star Destroyer is not fast, despite its thirteen colossal thrusters pushing it along with their massive power. These engines add to the fear factor of the ship, glowing blood-red, rather than the more normal blue. The Super Star's bridge, which contains large deflection/communication spheres, is at its rear; another common feature throughout the Star Destroyer range. The spheres power the SSD's formidable shielding, as well as allow for long-range communications to and from the ship. These structures have often been mentioned as a potential weak point, as a concerted attack on them could cause one or both of them to be destroyed, leaving the bridge completely exposed. This vulnerability, along with the structural design of the bridge, could be disastrous for the ship. Most of the senior officers and other high-priority enemy targets would be clustered together across several levels of the bridge during operations, and if its bridge was left without shielding or destroyed, the Super Star Destroyer would largely cease to function.

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Y-TIE Ugly
X-ceptor Ugly
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GRZ-6B Wrecker
C-wing Ugly
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