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Combine Points (CPs)

The Combine has grown significantly over the years. Some of you have been a part of this sim for a long time and have seen the ebbs and flows of the life of the Combine. Others have only been here a short while, and are just now beginning to experience all that the Combine has to offer. But no matter the length of time you have spent here, you all have something in common: you are part of a community, a family - and families support each other. There are many ways you can support the Combine, but let's first look at how the Combine supports you, the player.

CPs can currently be used to purchase ships, vehicles, range of custom images and even custom items. Ninety-five percent of the Combine's budget since September, 2001 has come from your generous donations, so you can see how important this aspect of helping the sim has become.

What Combine points are (for a more detailed explanation of the CP, refer to the FAQ):

  • CPs are Out of Character (OOC) rewards that members receive from the Administration.
What Combine points are NOT:
  • Currency in the Combine universe.

Most simply put, the CP is the way the Administration rewards you, the player, for various activities you do in support of the Combine. CPs can then be exchanged for specific ships, vehicles, droids, etc. that cannot be otherwise produced in-game. The only way to earn CPs is currently to provide OOC work to the Combine.

Login Reward

We are also happy to reward players for their continued activity, so every player with a character will recieve a reward of CPs each day they log in. The amount received depends on how many days in a row they have logged on.

The scale for which is:

  • Day 1: 160 CPs
  • Day 2: 185 CPs
  • Day 3: 210 CPs
  • Day 4: 235 CPs
  • Day 5: 260 CPs
  • Day 6: 285 CPs
  • Day 7 and over: 310 CPs

You Support the Combine

Donating is probably the most direct way to support us. You can do this with Paypal to make a payment directly to the Combine. Soon, we hope to support other options, such as Google Wallet. Do not forget to include your handle in the communication field.

Naturally, you are never forced to send us a single cent at any time.

Important: We use an automated processing system to handle donations. To benefit from it, make sure to use the following link while logged in when you donate. You may notice that the recipient of your donation is "CSXG Technologies," this is the name of the organization that owns the SWC assets and pays for server costs, operated by the simmaster.

We wish to make it clear that all donations received will only be used to meet the financial needs of the Combine. Donations pay for server costs to keep the game running, software development tools, and other incidental expenses involved in running SWC (such as legal fees, taxes, etc.). There are no paid developers, artists, writers, or administrators working on SWC! Donations are not refundable.

Enhancing the Combine

You think you may help somewhere? We often reward help with CPs.

  • You designed a picture that would suit the website perfectly? Then do not hesitate, open a topic in the Public Art Forum and submit your work. We reward used artistic materials with hundreds or thousands of CPs.
  • Or maybe you wrote a better description for a race, a ship, or an item? Then the Descriptions Suggestions Forum is the place where you can post your proposal.
  • Or maybe you thought of something that would enhance the Combine Galaxy? Then visit the Galaxy Suggestions Forum.

Note: Not all of your suggestions will be accepted, and all of them must meet quality expectations before even being posted. Remember that you should ALWAYS read the rules of each forum.

Social Media

We are also on social media, with a facebook page and a twitter account that are often updated with in-game, out-of-game, and Star Wars-related news. Interacting with SWC on social media is entirely optional and has no in-game impact.


We have a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/swcombine/

There is also a player group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2210373000/.


You can follow @swcombine for real-time game information and @swcombine_dev for information about development. There is also a status page available at https://status.swcombine.com with real-time updates about server-specific information.