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Last Updated: Year 22 Day 235
The Force: Universal

This power determines the Jedi's skill in wielding their lightsaber offensively and defensively. It is used in combination with their Non-Projectile Weapon skill to determine an effective lightsaber weapon skill (see Ground Combat rules). There is no FP cost to use this power.

Force Crafting is a skill used for the construction and modification of the complex devices that may be imbued with the Force. The higher the Jedi's Force Crafting power, the more likely lightsaber crystals and components will be aligned and connected correctly, the more likely the Jedi will be to construct a Holocron, and so forth. Since the crafting of Force items already takes considerable time and dedication, there is no FP cost to use this power.

In order to begin the crafting process, a Jedi must have equipped a crafting kit, and either a portable fusion or fission power generator.
Aborting a construction attempt will not return used RMs to the Jedi.
While crafting any Force items, the Jedi will be unable to move or access the controls of the entity they are in. They also will be unable to use any Force powers or to be a master for Force training.
1.2.1/ Force Robe Crafting

As long as there have been those that have used the Force, there has been a connection between Force users and their robes. The style of robe varies but the loose-fitting garment is designed to make it easy to use any Force power without restrictions. The robe also has the advantage that it is able to hold a lightsaber or other small item within its folds.

Force Robe Crafting requires that the Force user has use of a Crafting Kit and required amount of RMs as stated under the Rules entry for Force Robes. The process takes 4 hours and success is based upon the Universal Facet of the Force user.

(Universal Facet)% success rate
The success percentage is capped at 90%.

The Jedi is capable of sensing the Force in others. How capable they are depends on their own strength in the Force, and their level of training in this power. The Jedi can detect the Force in up to (Power Level) people at one time. The probability of successful detection is (Universal Facet Level)%. It takes the Jedi 1 hour to determine the Force sensitivity of their target(s). There is no FP cost to use this power.

Untrained in the process of meditation, a Jedi can regenerate 5 FP per hour. As a passive skill, with each skill level in Meditation that a Jedi possesses, they regenerate an additional ((((Universal Facet Level*.75)+(|Force Meter|/2))/25)*Power Level) FP per hour.

The Jedi may also use Meditation as an active power. While active, the Jedi cannot move or perform any other actions, however, every two hours the Jedi regenerates additional FP equal to:

((((Universal Facet*.75)+(abs(Force Meter)/2))/10)*Meditation)

There is never an FP cost to use this power.