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Bounty Fob (Tools)
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Tracking a single sentient in a vast galaxy might seem like a nearly impossible task. Fortunately, the bounty tracking fobs available from local guild leaders allow bounty hunters to leverage guild contacts throughout the galaxy to help narrow their search.

The bounty fob itself is a miniaturized holocomm receiver with a small display readout on one side. When paired with a bounty puck, the fob can use the information encoded on the fob to leverage information from guild contacts and data troves secured by guild slicers. These might include direct sightings, hacked financial statements or passenger manifests, interactions with government officials on the guild payroll, or any of the myriad other traces even the most determined sentients leave in their wake as they flee capture. Using the guild's vast, well-established information network, a bounty fob allows the hunter to relentlessly pursue their target across the stars.

While some sentients believe bounty tracking fobs are extremely powerful sensors, this is a convenient fiction that many bounty hunter guilds choose pointedly not to correct. If a target believes escape or evasion to be technologically impossible, they may opt to surrender rather than attempt a futile flight.

  • Raw Materials
  • None
  • Affiliations
  • No affiliations
  • Details
  • Slots: Utility #1, Utility #2
  • Lockable: No
  • Dimensions
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Volume: 0.1 m³
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Weight Cap: 1 kg
  • Volume Cap: 0.04 m³
  • Production
  • Raw Value: 0 CR