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Last Updated: Year 18 Day 92
Vision: Stealth

Stealth allows you to hide from other people's vision. When you enable the stealth action, the server randomly determines and stores a stealth score between 1 and 100, which is used for all further stealth checks. Your stealth score is rerolled every 8 hours while the stealth action is active.

While stealthed, your speed decreases by a factor of 4. See Movement for general rules about movement speed.


You cannot join or create a party while in stealth mode, and you cannot activate stealth while inside an existing party.

Stealth is affected by other actions that you take. You cannot hide while you are in a fire delay or force action cooldown; however, you may perform all actions after enabling stealth. Be aware that each action performed will introduce a penalty to your current stealth score. The specific penalties are listed below.

Furthermore, when you change containers (board/unboard an entity or travel cross terrain) your stealth score is immediately rerolled due to the significant change in your environment. This does not affect your ongoing stealth re-roll timer.


Jeffs's stealth score while on his Nu-Class Attack Shuttle is 93.

He exits his ship and his stealth score changes to 57 when he enters a tavern.

Your stealth skill is used in conjunction with the perception skill of someone trying to see you to determine if you are visible. Both parties skills' are used to select a threshold value from the table shown here, and if your stealth score is above the value in the table, then you are invisible. This gives you a different chance of being invisible to different players (or NPCs), with the same stealth score.

Stealth↓ / Perception→ 0 1 2 3 4 5
0 50 55 65 75 85 95
1 45 50 55 65 75 85
2 35 45 50 55 65 75
3 25 35 45 50 55 65
4 15 25 35 45 50 55
5 5 15 25 35 45 50

When you do certain actions (generally, ones that would be noisy or otherwise indicate your location to an observer), each action will apply a penalty to your current stealth score. When a new score is rolled, all previous penalties are discarded. Penalty points by action for currently implemented actions are listed below.

Combat (as attacker)10
Force action (any)5
Breaking a door lock3
Hacking a security control panel3

Sybill's stealth score is 93.

She attacks a Krayt Dragon and her stealth score drops to 83.

When you voluntarily disable stealth, or your stealth score drops to zero due to accumulated action penalties, you will have to wait 2 hours before you can reenable stealth. During this time, you are visible to everyone, as you normally would be.