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Old Republic Flight Mask (Clothing)
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The Old Republic Flight Mask was one of the standard issue pieces that equipped Clone and non-Clone pilots of the Republic. It was created to conform to the head of a humanoid, although specially-modified examples for other species can be found at times. When equipped with a proper flight suit, the suit-mask combination protects the pilot from vacuum. When the breathing tube is connected to the suit, oxygen is delivered via the suit from either the craft's life support system or the suit's built-in emergency oxygen canister. Its hard-shell construction offers the wearer a bit of protection from light shrapnel and impact shock. The visor's main function is to protect the pilot from bright lights, especially that from a sun or an nearby explosion, but it also serves as a screen for the heads-up display system that provides navigational aids.

When the Republic transitioned into the Empire, this design was superseded by the Imperial Fighter Pilot Flight Mask. Many of the Republic flight masks were sold to the civilian market as surplus. Although outdated especially when compared with the more technologically-advanced Imperial variant, the Old Republic Flight Mask continues to be sought after across the galaxy due to their quality and durability.

  • Raw Materials
  • Quantum: 1
  • Meleenium: 6
  • Affiliations
  • Rare
  • Details
  • Slots: Head
  • Dimensions
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Volume: 0.08 m³
  • Production
  • Batch: 9
  • Per Unit Value: 89 CR
  • Batch Value: 800 CR