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Posted by Tor`Vor Xess on Year 22 Day 265 1:07

To keep up with the pace at which new features are being introduced to the game, I have been invited as the new QA Director to expand and formalize the QA Team. As a team, it will be our responsibility to throw everything we can think of at new features to break them prior to their release into the wild. I would like to invite anyone and everyone, regardless of game experience, to apply to be a member of the QA Team. I'm looking to gather a group that represents the very diverse playerbase we have, from the experienced space truckers, the FI spreadsheet masterminds, and to the sentients just now getting their first clunker gem of a ship.

If you want to break stuff and earn CPs for doing so, this may just be the dream job for you! Best of all, this is not a pause-character position, so you can continue playing while helping to improve the experience for everyone. If you are interested in being a member of the team, apply using the link at the bottom of this post. Please direct any questions about the role to myself (Tor`Vor Xess) via DM, or on the SWC public Discord (Tor`Vor).

I look forward to seeing your application!

If you are currently on the QA team, please reapply through the link to indicate you are active and still interested in participation on the team.

Apply via Google Form here!