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Last Updated: Year 18 Day 91
Movement: Docking

Docking involves moving a ship, vehicle, or even a space station inside another facility, station, or another ship or vehicle.

In order to the following conditions must be met for a successful docking to occur:

  • Target must have a docking bay with enough volume and weight capacity.
  • Target must be at the same location as target (or adjacent to a facility if you are at street level)
  • Target must be on the target`s crewlist
Stations are usually tractored inside ships when converted into wrecks. Stations can only be unloaded in a system or in deep space. If the system is controlled or if you plan to unload the space station in the orbit of a controlled planet then you need to have a build permission.
If you undock from a ship whilst the container is in hyperspace, your ship will lose hyperspace capability and face the normal risk of aborting hyperspace.

Boarding involves moving your character into a ship, facility, station or vehicle, whether you are on the ground or aboard another ship, facility, station or vehicle.


  • If inside a ship or station in space: If you are in the entrance room of the ship/station, you may board any other ship or station at the same location (if on crewlist). Note: stations must have a docking port
  • If outside on the ground: You may board any ship (not moving) at the same location (if on crewlist)
  • If inside a ship, vehicle, facility or station:
    1. If in the docking bay room: You have access to all ships in the target. May board any of them, if on crewlist
    2. If in the hangar bay room: You have access to all vehicles in the target. May board any of them, if on crewlist
    3. If in the entrance room: You have access to all ships and vehicles target. May board any of them, if on crewlist. May also move outside
  • If you are in a ship/vehicle inside a bay and unboard, you will arrive in one of the docking/hangar rooms (if any) of the container. If these rooms are not present, then you arrive in the entrance room.
  • When you leave a facility you will be placed at the same position at which you entered the facility from.
  • If you arrived in the facility via ship, vehicle or other means then you will placed at random on an empty square (not occupied by a facility) adjacent to the facility.
If you are the pilot of a ship or vehicle that is travelling and leave it (going outside or entering a ship or vehicle docked in it), then travel will abort immediately.
If your ship has an astromech droid in the cockpit and the pilot unboards, the droid will take over piloting and the ship will not stop travelling. The previous pilot will not get the XP for the travel.

These are the current crewlist rules.

  • Ship or vehicle pilot is automatically accepted
  • Ship or vehicle commander is automatically accepted
  • Owner is automatically accepted
  • If the container is a space station or facility and the entity is a character, then they must belong to the same faction
  • Character is a member of a faction on the crewlist
  • In all other cases, the entity must be on the crewlist. The crewlist is an editable list of people or ships/vehicles that may board/dock
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