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Last Updated: Year 18 Day 91
Economy: Bacta Creation

Only Alazhi can be transformed into Bacta. All Alazhi available in the city can be processed. It does not need to be in the Bacta Refinement Facility. In the Facility, the operator chooses which piles that are available he wishes to process.

The Bacta that is produced must be stored in the Facility and the surrounding silo's, warehouses etc. Check Mining for the exact facilities. If they are all full then the excess Bacta is lost.
To farm the Alazhi you must satsify these conditions:

  • The owner of the Farm must be a faction.
  • The Farm must be powered.
  • If the owner is a Medical faction then there must be a Manager and an Operator (any faction or character).
    If the owner is not a Medical faction then the Manager must be a Medical faction and the Operator a member of that faction.

To process Alazhi you need to be in command of at least 1 Bacta Engineer NPC. In the 'actions' part of the command room, there's a button 'process'. Here, you assign at least 1 NPC to the facility, choose which piles to process, and after agreeing with an estimate of the procedure, start processing. The time it will take and the money it will consume will all be displayed in the estimate. In the process screen you can also see past Process reports. Once you're processing, only an ETA and the reports are available.

When the processing is done, you'll receive a message from your NPC crew with a report. The source piles will be deleted from the database and the Bacta piles will be created where there is room.

When you're processing, you're not stuck with it until the production run is over. You can abort the production, by pressing ABORT under the ETA. This will cost you Alazhi according to the amount of time already passed. Was your production run 10% complete, all Alazhi piles you used as resource will have lost 10% of their quantity. The aborting is instantaneous however.

Yield = (Quantity * 0.1) * [1 - 0.04 * (5 - Management) - 0.1 * (1 - Civ. Level)]

Yield is never smaller then 0 or greater then Quantity. The maximum yield is 10% of the refined alazhi quantity.

  • Yield: Resulting refined bacta
  • Quantity: Quantity of alazhi that is refined
  • Planet Civ. Level: As stated in the Planetary Economy rules, a value between 0 and 1. This factor represents the need for a planet to be well industrialised and developed in order to reach an almost perfect refinement without any loss.
  • Management: This is the Refinery's operator Management skill
Time = (((LOG (Quantity)) * (50 - #NPC)) / ((Management skill + 5) + (Planet moral * 4) + (1 - Planet crime))) * Rand(1,1.8)
Cost = Yield * RM price + (Yield * RM price * Tax) + (0.2 * Yield * RM price * Crime) + 0.375 * NPC_Cost * MAX(0, NPC-1) / (Management+1)
  • Yield: Resulting refined bacta
  • RM price: Raw material price from the above table
  • Planet Tax: As stated in the Planetary Economy rules, a value between 0 and 1
  • Planet Crime: As stated in the Planetary Economy rules, a value between 0 and 1
  • NPC: Amount of NPC working at Mine, the first NPC is free of charge
  • NPC_Cost: The price to hire a NPC, currently 50,000 credits
  • Management: This is the Mine's operator Management skill
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