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Web Services v1.0 Hub » Inventory Resources » Inventory/Entity/Tags

Fully Implemented

Fully Implemented

URL: https://dev.swcombine.com/ws/v1.0/inventory/:entity_type/:uid/tags/
Tentative Date of Removal: Upon discovery of a significant exploit or after Year 23 Day 150, whichever comes first.
Method: DELETE
Description: Delete all tags applied to the entity
Pattern Description: :entity_type (Mandatory): Determines the type of entity. Accepted values are ships, vehicles, stations, cities, facilities, planets, items, npcs, droids, or materials
:uid (Mandatory): uid of the entity
Rate Limited: No
Query String: N/A
Parameters: N/A
Requires Authentication: Yes
Permissions: personal_inv_cities_rename: Rename your cities
personal_inv_cities_assign: Assign your cities
personal_inv_cities_makeover: Make over your cities
personal_inv_creatures_rename: Rename your creatures
personal_inv_creatures_assign: Assign your creatures
personal_inv_creatures_makeover: Make over your creatures
personal_inv_droids_rename: Rename your droids
personal_inv_droids_assign: Assign your droids
personal_inv_droids_makeover: Make over your droids
personal_inv_facilities_rename: Rename your facilities
personal_inv_facilities_assign: Assign your facilities
personal_inv_facilities_makeover: Make over your facilities
personal_inv_items_rename: Rename your items
personal_inv_items_assign: Assign your items
personal_inv_items_makeover: Make over your items
personal_inv_materials_rename: Rename your materials
personal_inv_materials_makeover: Make over your materials
personal_inv_npcs_assign: Assign your NPCs
personal_inv_npcs_makeover: Make over your NPCs
personal_inv_planets_assign: Assign your planets
personal_inv_ships_rename: Rename your ships
personal_inv_ships_assign: Assign your ships
personal_inv_ships_makeover: Make over your ships
personal_inv_stations_rename: Rename your space stations
personal_inv_stations_assign: Assign your space stations
personal_inv_stations_makeover: Make over your space stations
personal_inv_vehicles_rename: Rename your vehicles
personal_inv_vehicles_assign: Assign your vehicles
personal_inv_vehicles_makeover: Make over your vehicles
faction_inv_cities_rename: Rename your faction's cities
faction_inv_cities_assign: Assign your faction's cities
faction_inv_cities_makeover: Make over your faction's cities
personal_inv_creatures_rename: Rename your creatures
personal_inv_creatures_assign: Assign your creatures
personal_inv_creatures_makeover: Make over your creatures
faction_inv_droids_rename: Rename your faction's droids
faction_inv_droids_assign: Assign your faction's droids
faction_inv_droids_makeover: Make over your faction's droids
faction_inv_facilities_rename: Rename your faction's facilities
faction_inv_facilities_assign: Assign your faction's facilities
faction_inv_facilities_makeover: Make over your faction's facilities
faction_inv_items_rename: Rename your faction's items
faction_inv_items_assign: Assign your faction's items
faction_inv_items_makeover: Make over your faction's items
faction_inv_materials_rename: Rename your faction's materials
faction_inv_materials_makeover: Make over your faction's materials
faction_inv_npcs_assign: Assign your faction's NPCs
faction_inv_npcs_makeover: Make over your faction's NPCs
faction_inv_planets_assign: Assign your faction's planets
faction_inv_ships_rename: Rename your faction's ships
faction_inv_ships_assign: Assign your faction's ships
faction_inv_ships_makeover: Make over your faction's ships
faction_inv_stations_rename: Rename your faction's space stations
faction_inv_stations_assign: Assign your faction's space stations
faction_inv_stations_makeover: Make over your faction's space stations
faction_inv_vehicles_rename: Rename your faction's vehicles
faction_inv_vehicles_assign: Assign your faction's vehicles
faction_inv_vehicles_makeover: Make over your faction's vehicles
Returns: 200 OK: Result of the rename
400 Bad Request: One or more of the provided parameters was invalid
401 Unauthorized: The client does not have the required permission to access this resource
404 Not Found: The specified character does not exist or you do not have authorisation to access this inventory