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Last Updated: Year 21 Day 145
Communication: GNS

Posting on the GNS is a privilege, not a right. Continued misuse of the GNS will result in the forced removal of your ability to post on the system. All material on the GNS must be kept entirely in-character; out-of-character comments about any other person or faction will not be tolerated.


All GNS posts should be approximately rated PG-13.

While the galaxy is a dark and dirty place, and many of the galaxy's residents are not above the use of making their torture or executions public, GNS posts should seek to handle this material without explicit sexual situations or especially graphic violence played out. This is a family friendly game, and roleplaying should be kept within PG-13 standards, particularly in such a prominent and public section of the site.

This is a place to post news, not recruit new members, not inform the public of your auction, and not to sell your faction's wares. If you are going to refer to a service your faction provides, it should be set up as a news story such as, "Golden Fish Enterprises posts new record in droid production," and the content should follow the same format.

All GNS posts should be written from the point of view of a reporter in front of a camera or as an article that might be found within a newspaper.

Topics detailing major events can be either based on database-affecting actions taken within the game (e.g. if you actually took over a planet in a build war or commerce transaction) or on actions said to occur outside the limited abilities of the game client.

Topics that are not relevant to any database-affecting actions require the permission of any faction leader/owner whose faction's actions you choose to godmode. For instance, you cannot display footage depicting the way you destroyed a dozen of the Galactic Empire's star destroyers without first getting permission to assume such a claim from the leader of the Galactic Empire. However, given that lying and propaganda are permissible, you may post propaganda wherein your character makes the claim that he or she accomplished such a feat, provided that it is not depicted as video footage wherein it is actually shown as having occurred.

While there are no specific restrictions with regard to the number of size of images posted on the GNS, please keep art tasteful, PG-13, and not excessively large in dimension. If your images are the size of the average desktop wallpaper, they are probably too big.

Any posts not abiding by these guidelines will be deleted and the GNS posting fee will not be reimbursed. Factions should link these rules to anyone to whom they assign the GNS posting privilege.

  • Inside a capital ship (super capital, capital, frigate, or corvette), space station, or facility (must be powered).
  • Not travelling.
  • You are the pilot, commander, or owner, or your faction is the owner of the ship, space station, or facility.
  • Be in a faction and have the correct privilege level.

GNS archives can be viewed from the GNS Page.

Cost to post/hack the GNS is 200,000 credits; editing is not permitted.

Information factions may post for only 2,000 credits.

The Galactic Government (government with largest cumulative population) is in charge of accepting and declining all topics submitted to the GNS. Members of the Galactic Government with Post News level 3 or above may add/remove factions from a list of those authorised to post without first submitting to the censors. This does not apply to topics that are hacked in, Galactic Government has no control of the content of those topics. If a topic is not accepted or declined within 48 hours of being submitted it is automatically posted. Once it is on the GNS a topic may not be edited by anyone, regardless of whether it was submitted or hacked.

Hacking may only be attempted once every 24 hours.

If a hacker is unsuccessful in hiding their location, all members of the Galactic Government with level 3 Post News privilege are informed that 'playerHandle has successfully/unsuccessfully hacked the GNS from locationXYZ'.

Topics submitted to the censors will automatically display the location of the poster, whereas a hacked post that was successful in hiding location displays 'Location Unknown'.


Chance to hack:

Chance to hide location:


  • C: Comp ops skill

XP reward for successfully hacking: 50 XP
XP reward for successfully hiding location: 50 XP