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Last Updated: Year 22 Day 260
Combine Points: Custom Images

Custom Images are obtained by spending Combine Points (CPs). They can be used to enhance and customize the world. These images are applied to various entity types and have rules that the Art Team follow to accept the images or deny them.

The cost of images are as as follows per image:

  1. Image Submission: 250 CPs
  2. Image Apply: 50 CPs

The general rules for all images are as follows unless there are exceptions:

  • Small Images must be 100x100.
  • Large Images must be between 400x300 and 800x800. Images larger than 800x800 will be automatically scaled down to fit, however this does not guarantee the quality or that it will still be accepted.
  • Large Images must display the whole entity, no part of the entity is allowed to overflow beyond the boundaries.
  • Be in .PNG format
  • Not be animated
  • Not contain transparency, except for the cockpit/hangar/docking bay images
  • Must not contain any offensive or otherwise objectionable text and any text must fit in the Star Wars universe.
  • Must be recognizable as the entity they are being applied to with only minor modifications allowed.
  • Must be photo-realistic
  • Must have a solid black background devoid of any stray (dirty) pixels.
  • Must not contain any disconnected or otherwise foreign objects or separate entities that already exist in SWCombine.
  • Must not be: Pixelated, Blurred, Badly Sized, Sharp, Bad Edges, Misplaced Colours, or include other bad art practices.
  • Must not contain any engine or energy glow that extends further than 3 pixels away from the source of the glow
  • Must not contain any engine or energy glow that is emitted from a source that is not directly visible in the image.
  • Must not contain any engine or energy trails or light glow or flares. (define engine or energy trails, light glows and light flares)
  • Must not contain blatant references to real life persons of notoriety, politics, religions, other universe characters, content, or pop culture.
  • Must not contain references to out-of-character administrative actions that have no reasonable application in an in-character context.
  • Must be within the PG-13 guidelines and should not display any form of sexual or implied sexual content.
  • Must not contain offensive material or material that promotes hate or hostility toward a group or individual.
  • Must not blend into the background. Dark colors should be avoided, or lighter versions of the wanted color should be used instead.

Images can be applied as public custom images. These images can be used by the general public and if someone applies it. Then the owner of the custom will get some CPs for their work.

Custom Images and Items can be shared. This is free to share, however cps must be used to apply the image as normal. Images can be shared with characters or factions. You can also limit how many you want to share with a person.

-1 is unlimited for sharing and if it is a positive number that is the limit you set for that share. Also be noted that factions currently only have unlimited.

Cockpits, Hangars, and Docking Bay images must meet the following requirements:

  • Size be 400x400
  • Transparency is allowed for windows and entrances / exits

Planets can have custom images as well the requirements for submitting and approval are as follows:

  • Small Image be between 20x20 and 60x60
  • Large Image must be between 150x150 and 800x800

NPC Images follow the General rules with the following exceptions and differences

  • NPC Images don't have to contain black background but can contain a scenic background, provided it does not clash with the NPC
  • Must portray correct race
  • Focus primarily on the face, and do not hide any parts of the head behind the frame.
  • Portray an unobstructed view of the face of the NPC.

Custom Items must follow the General rules and the below as well

  • Not represent an entity that already exists in the game including, but not limited to: armour, clothing, weapons, or lightsabers and must fit within the Star Wars universe.

Custom Items spawn at your location for a flat fee of 100 CPs. To spawn them first they need to be approved by the Art Team. Once approved then go to custom image list and there will be an option to spawn them.

Custom Items Name can not be changed once it is spawned.

Facility images are unique in that they have different but very specific requirements

  • Must be at a 45 degree angle from the ground plane
  • Must be proportionately scaled to the size of squares it occupies. 1 square is equivalent to a 100x100 meter square and 1 pixel per meter.
  • Must be in orthogonal/parallel or similar projection.

Generic Entities are entities that might have lots of different looks so a wider array of images could be used for them.

  • Must fit in with the Star Wars universe and must not contain direct references to real world or other universe entities. Derivatives are allowed on a case-by-case basis.

For a listing of what is and is not considered generic please look here.