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Brussels 2000

Story in the Star Wars Combine universe

Story in the Star Wars Universe It's a peaceful day on Kuat. No Imperial or Rebel menace at the moment, if there ever will be any. The ships flying in the sky and the high towers of the Imperial Core buildings for the different departements remind of Coruscant, the lost planet of the Core.

It the main room of the Space Port of Kuat, where dozens of ships are continuously arriving and leaving, Commandant General JodoKast was waiting for the Imperial Core officers that were coming to the convention which had been planned in advance. He was alone, unlike he usually is. But he didn't need his personnal guard because the Kuat Space Port is heavily guarded by Stormtroopers. JodoKast could see them patroling everywhere. He waited for a while, scrathching his short blond beard, until Flight-Corporal Varsch Sephiroth arrived to meet him. He was, as usual, wearing his black uniform with his white shoulder pads, and he was returning from Coruscant, transported by Director Tarkin's Carrack Cruiser.

It wasn't long before Cadet Barret arrived in a rush, in his Cadet uniform. Commandant General JodoKast laughed in his beard at this site. He was used to the company of Cadets, as he is the Rector of the Imperial Core War College (ICWC), but he never expected to be at a convention with one of them. Second Luitenant Kyle Corman showed up afterwards, in his Army uniform. He barely saluted the Flight Corporal and the Cadet, as he felt strongly superior to them.

Commandant General JodoKast was fealing fine as all the Core members present at the moment were lower ranked than him. But suddenly, he felt a cold chill in his back neck. The others felt it also. They all directly knew who was arriving. Appearing from nowhere, Emperor Veynom in his black uniform and his black cape arrived accompaigned by Brigadier General Dreighton. They both had a lightsaber on their belt, although Brigadier General Dreighton isn't a Sith Lord.

Only one man dared to arrive after the Emperor and make him wait. Veynom felt insulted and decided to execute him when he arrived. Librairian Homtelium of the ICWC calmly walked up the stairs of the Kuat Space Port and reached for the group of people. He had his long hair that he hasn't cut for years but that he has always taken care of. Veynom decided to be mercyful for a change, and let that scoundrel live.

Emperor Veynom told the others that he wanted to eat and no-one dared to tell anything else than "Yes, my Master." So the group went to a small Corellian restaurant where they ate a famous Corellian dish called "Pidsah". They were all delited by this extraordinary food, but the Emperor felt otherwise and closed down the restaurant.

Then, Commandant General JodoKast and Librairian Homtelium, both from the ICWC, wanted to test their new training program for StromTroopers.With Emperor Veynom's permission, the group went on a battle field and took blasers and started shooting at each other. Of course, the blasters were ineffective as this was a training. Veynom thought it would be more fun as a game, so two groups were formed. Commandant General JodoKast, Librairian Homtelium, Flight-Corporal Varsch Sephiroth and Cadet Barret teamed up against Emperor Gorn Veynom, Brigadier General Dreighton and Second Lieutenant Keil Corman. No surprise in the fact that the Emperor's team won the game, as the force was on their side. Also, the other team let themselves beat so not to displease the Emperor. But it was unnecessary; Emperor Veynom cannot be defeated!

Afterwards, the Emperor was hungry again, so everybody went to a local restaurant of Kuat and ate different meals. For once, the Emperor apreciated the food. The cook reicived a cheque of 100 000 credits for his efforts.

When the group got out of the restaurant, a very big ship arrived with the Imperial Core logo everywhere on it. It's door opened and ten Preatorian Guards in their red uniform walked out of it. The Emperor understood that it was time for him to leave the others and return to the unknown regions, where his quest must continue. Once Veynom and his guards had entered the shuttle, the others saw it fly away into hyperspace. They knew that they wouldn't see the Emperor before a very long time. Maybe never...

Flight-Corporal Varsch Sephiroth, 13/11/2000

Grand Admiral (rtd) Gorn Veynom

Brigadier-General Jennifer Dreighton

Commandant General JodoKast

Librairian Homtelium

Second Lieutenant Kyle Corman

Flight-Corporal Varsch Sephiroth

Cadet Barret