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The NPC Shops are the place where you can buy lower quality goods when first starting out. There is usually a shop located on every homeworld for new players to use then they are first spawned.

The items and droids currently avaialble through the shop are listed below:

Name Price
Small Backpack Small Backpack 540 credits
Belt Belt 592 credits
Clothing Clothing 592 credits
Engineer Vest Engineer Vest 540 credits
Trunk Trunk 1,132 credits
Knife Knife 800 credits
Staff Staff 676 credits
SE-14 Blaster Pistol SE-14 Blaster Pistol 2,100 credits
Cape Cape 800 credits
Robe Robe 696 credits
Binders Binders 2,100 credits
Hide Armour Hide Armour 7,300 credits
Patchwork Survival Suit Patchwork Survival Suit 3,400 credits
Mace Mace 0 credits
K-4 Security Droid K-4 Security Droid 14,008 credits

A listing of all of the available shop locations is below:

Name Planet City Government
Shop Tatooine (296,-248) City (0,0) Galactic Pew Pews
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